A Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual

The 12th Edition of A Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual is here! Click here to view, download, and print the 12th Edition.
NEW: You can now order the JLM online! For incarcerated people and their family members: Please read instructions about ordering online here.
COVID-19 Updates (updated February 7, 2021):

Expect delivery delays: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, please expect additional delays in delivery of the JLM. We are working as hard as we can—with a limited team—to respond to orders of the JLM as soon as possible. 

Contact information: We now have access to our normal mailing address (435 W. 116th St., New York, NY 10027). If you sent mail to the temporary California address, that mail will be forwarded to our New York address.    

You can email us at jlm.board.mail@gmail.com or call us at (646) 470-2054.   

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please know that we are thinking of all of you and your loved ones during this particularly difficult time. 


A Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual (JLM) is a handbook of legal rights and procedures designed for use by people in prison. Since publication of the First Edition in 1978, tens of thousands of prisoners in institutions across the country have used A Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual to exercise their legal rights.